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Work From Home Jobs No Experience Require

Among the many work from home jobs no experience required, several are perfect for people with no experience. These jobs are typically office-based and require many office skills, so if you have these skills and are interested in working from home, you can emphasize them. Some examples of these jobs include Customer service, Data entry, Online moderation, Bookkeeping, etc. If you don’t have any experience in any of these fields, consider finding out more about becoming a part-time employee of one of these companies.

Customer service

Working in a customer service role requires you to multitask, as dealing with clients is the core responsibility. But if you don’t like dealing with people, you might want to switch to another role. Although these jobs are not entry-level, they offer the opportunity to learn and grow. They also require you to deal with internal individuals and projects. If you’re interested in customer service but don’t have any experience in this field, you can start by applying for jobs that don’t involve customer service.
Some companies may require previous experience, but others don’t. If you’ve worked in customer service outside of the home, your previous experience may count as experience. Some companies also require prior work experience, such as U-Haul, but they don’t list it as a requirement. Other companies may require a college degree, but many people are hired without one. TELUS offers many little jobs for people with no experience.

Data entry

If you want a job at home but lack the necessary experience, data entry may be the perfect job. These jobs are available on sites such as Microworkers and Ibotta. Although data entry isn’t the highest paying job on the market, it is a great side-gig and is relatively easy to find.
To begin, you’ll need basic computer skills. Microsoft Office and Google Suite experience are helpful, but you don’t need to be an expert to land a job. A good understanding of business email platforms is also helpful. Employers are looking for people who are self-motivated and can meet deadlines. Although data entry work does not require customer interaction, prior experience in customer service is a huge plus. However, even if you don’t have much experience in this field, a high school degree is still sufficient.

Online moderation

You can find online moderator jobs even if you don’t have a lot of experience. Moderators are responsible for the content on websites and other platforms, ensuring that the site adheres to the rules and posts the right comments. As an online moderator, you can earn up to $11 per hour while sitting at home. Listed below are some companies that hire online moderators.

ICUC: ICUC offers social media management and content moderation services. Some positions are in-house, but others are flexible and remote. While most companies don’t hire their employees directly, they have job listings available for online moderators. Some of these sites have open positions across the world, so check out the details of each before applying. You can also search for moderator positions on FlexJobs and apply directly to them.


If you’re looking for a job that doesn’t require any previous experience, bookkeeping work from home is a good choice. Bookkeeping professionals prepare financial statements that help companies understand their performance. Not only are these documents required by the Internal Revenue Service but also by many banks. Bookkeeping professionals can find clients through freelance marketplace websites and career websites. They can specialize in certain verticals, such as small businesses or restaurants.

One great way to find work as a bookkeeper is to network and join online communities for bookkeepers. For example, Upwork is a great website for freelance bookkeepers, as you can share your resume with potential clients. Alternatively, you can create your profile on Intuit’s website and let other companies find you. Other companies that hire bookkeepers include Intuit, a financial software company that offers Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping. The work involves setting up client books and working for at least 20 hours per week.

Virtual assistant

Small businesses and entrepreneurs often need remote assistance to run their businesses, and you can take advantage of this need to network. You can check your contact list for potential jobs and network with other virtual assistants. Abbey, a virtual assistant, built a successful business while raising two children. Even though this job requires no previous experience, it is not for everyone.
A good way to start looking for a virtual assistant job is by filling out your profile online. Whether it’s on a job site or social media, include your contact information and your availability.



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