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A Career Path For Data Analysts

In addition to earning a master’s degree, graduate education in data analytics can also benefit a data analyst. But what should you know about graduate degree programs?

Job description

The world of technology is built on data, and it’s essential for making decisions. Data analysts are essential to proving a health goal or predicting a potential disaster. The Internet is filled with user information, and companies like Amazon and Google use this data to recommend products and help users. You’ll find a variety of job descriptions in this article. Here are a few to consider.

Entry-level data analysts analyze the results of various business systems or projects. They interact with business leaders and clients to find efficient statistical analysis solutions. This role typically requires a bachelor’s degree, but an MBA can enhance career growth and salary increments.

Education requirements

Career Path For Data Analysts

While many Data Analyst job descriptions state that a bachelor’s degree is required, the fact is that skills in this area often outweigh credentialism. Hiring managers look for candidates who can demonstrate a mastery of their subject matter through hands-on experience, not just traditional education. For this reason, experience working with large data sets is crucial. To increase your chances of getting the job, consider taking classes focused on big data management and in-house training.

The specific duties of a data analyst may vary according to the type of organization and position. A market research analyst, for example, would likely have a deeper understanding of retail trends than a financial analyst. Additionally, while individuals with an advanced degree may be able to land their first job as data analysts right out of college, it is helpful to have previous experience in the field. Database administrator positions and entry-level finance and accounting roles can help you acquire the skills needed to land the role.


To enter this field, a person needs to have various technical skills. They should be familiar with databases, SQL, XML, JavaScript, Matlab, SAS, and other machine learning programs. In addition to a good understanding of statistical methods, they must have excellent writing and communication skills. Depending on the company, a person may also need to learn to use various machine learning programs, such as Google Analytics or python.

There are several certifications available to data analysts. The Certified Data Analyst Associate from Microsoft certifies that the individual has the skills to analyze data and derive insights from it. They need to know how to design scalable data models, clean data, and transform it. The cost is $165 for an instructor-led course and includes the test.


As access to data becomes more accessible, more companies seek to hire data analysts. In the United States, the demand for these professionals is rising. According to IBM, there’s a shortage of professionals who can apply advanced data science and analytics methods. Data analyst positions typically involve data cleaning and extraction and data querying languages. More advanced skills, such as predictive analytics, are also in high demand. A candidate with these skills could earn a salary of $100,000 a year.

To increase a data analyst’s salary, they must possess extensive business field knowledge. Knowledge of the latest news, patterns, and trends is vital. The data analyst must also be proficient in statistical approaches and methodology. Moreover, the person should be efficient in communication and time management. Intuition is also vital in this role. In addition, data analysts need to be adept at analyzing complex data sets and interpreting them in a relevant way to the organization’s needs.



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