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Which Career Makes the Most Money?

A high-paying career will enable you to achieve your goals and save for your future. You can enjoy travelling and retirement savings and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll always have enough money. More than this, larger incomes are associated with higher happiness and life satisfaction levels. They are also believed to make you more productive and successful. Read on to discover more about the various career opportunities in the medical field.


While surgeons and anesthesiologists earn substantially more than each other, anesthesiologists are in a different league. While most people imagine surgeons as the stars of the operating room, anesthesiologists play an equally important role. In addition to administering pain relief, they monitor patients’ vital signs and perform several other important tasks. Anesthesiologists also supervise certified registered nurse anaesthetists and anaesthesia assistants.

Anesthesiologists work in operating rooms, earning an income for every anaesthetic administered. The number and complexity of anaesthetics they perform determine the amount of money they earn. The more complex the anaesthetic is, the higher the salary. Physician anesthesiologists remain with each surgical patient 100% of the time, meaning their income is directly proportional to the number of cases they perform.


If you are a person with a passion for helping others, a psychiatric career could be an excellent choice. The field of psychiatry continues to grow year over year, making it a stable, high-paying career. The average salary for a psychiatrist in Honolulu is $269,800 a year. However, the salary ranges considerably based on region and experience level.

Salary ranges for psychiatrists vary based on geographic location and the type of clinical practice. Those working in medical offices typically earn the highest salaries, while those in hospitals make the least money. However, it is important to note that psychiatrists’ salaries are generally higher than those of psychologists.


Psychiatrists are among the highest-paid medical professionals, earning an average salary of $268,000 per year. Despite the high pay, psychiatrists typically have the lowest net worth of any other physician. Only one-third of psychiatrists make over $1 million, while the other three-fourths earn between $1 million and $5 million. Nonetheless, psychiatrists can earn a good amount of money, and many people choose to pursue this field because of the potential for lucrative career advancement.

In May 2019, psychiatrists in the U.S. earned an average of $217,100. In the UAE, psychiatrists earn an average salary of AED 27,000.



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