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Three Good Paying Jobs Without Degrees

These jobs may be in fields you never thought of, such as Information security analyst, Wind turbine tech, and commercial pilot. Here are three such jobs and what they can do for you. These jobs aren’t necessarily glamorous, but they are worthwhile. Here’s how to find them:

Non-degree jobs are lucrative

Electronics repair and installers may find work without a college degree. However, this field is expected to shrink by 1% by 2028, despite the growth of electronic equipment. Employers will look for hands-on training and work experience to compete with those with formal education. Depending on the level of education, some jobs will require only an associate’s degree. However, if you can obtain these skills without a college degree, you can find a great career.

A median wage for farm labour contractors is $61,910 a year. Those who complete the training often start their careers as independent contractors. These positions do not require college degrees and can earn up to $110,000 per year. But do not forget that you can earn as much as $48,000 per year if you have no college degree.

Most information security analyst jobs require a Bachelor’s degree, but those with a computer science or computer engineering degree can still be competitive. However, some companies prefer to hire individuals with a Master’s degree or several years of experience. A degree in cybersecurity or cloud computing can also help prospective employees stand out from other applicants. These degrees are typically four years in length and can help an individual land an entry-level position.

good paying jobs without degrees

Despite the job description, this field is highly demanding. Information security analysts constantly test and improve their security efforts to ensure that data remains secure. Because of this, they must stay current with the latest security threats. The average information security analyst can expect to work well into their 60s. Job satisfaction depends on work-life balance, salary, and career prospects. A good career outlook and the opportunity for upward mobility make this job one of the highest paying jobs without degrees.

A commercial pilot is another high-paying job without a degree

If you’ve always dreamed of flying, a career as a commercial pilot could be right up your alley. This high-paying job requires only a high school diploma and an aviation license. A commercial pilot can fly cargo for a living, fly charter flights for wealthy people, and even teach prospective pilots. Aside from flying passengers, commercial pilots are also required to perform odd jobs around travel, including aircraft maintenance, registering flight plans with the FAA, and loading and unloading passengers.

A commercial pilot is responsible for operating large jets out of major airports. While some airlines don’t require a college degree, others require it. While some people struggle to understand the material in flight school without a degree, others can easily pass the ground exams with proper coaching.

Wind turbine tech is another high-paying job without a degree.

Entry-level wind turbine technicians can earn up to $27 per hour and may receive up to a year of on-the-job training before being hired. They must be familiar with hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems and have first-aid training.

The field of wind turbine technology is expanding, with the installation of more than 340,000 wind turbines worldwide. About 68,000 are in operation in the United States, providing power to around 34 million homes. And more are being built every day. It is estimated that each wind turbine can power 460 homes a month. This means that more wind turbine techs are needed in the United States.

Sheet metal worker is another high-paying job without a degree

These workers are essential to the construction industry. Because metalworking is physically demanding, they must regularly bend, squat, and stand. This job requires no college degree. After high school, you can begin an apprenticeship that teaches you all aspects of the job. You will eventually be able to start your own business, and it can be quite lucrative.

Another high-paying job without a degree is as a sheet metal worker. These workers work with thin layers of metal to manufacture ducts that can be used for heating and cooling. These workers also assemble and repair sheet metal products. While some sheet metal workers specialize in fabrication, installation, and maintenance, most do all three. They may also specialize in mass manufacturing in manufacturing or on-site installation.



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