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The best US stocks for speculation and investment in 2021

We offer you a group of the best US companies to invest in for the year 2021 (promising stocks and other cheap stocks) in addition to steps to buy shares from the best US stock trading companies.

Here are four steps to help you buy the first US stocks

1.       Choose a trusted and licensed online broker.

2.       Find the stocks you want to buy.

3.       Determine the number of shares to be purchased.

4.       Choose the amount you want to start investing with.

The strongest and best speculative US stocks

There are thousands of US stocks that are trading on the US Stock Exchange, New York, and the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, which will bring you the largest gains, and here are our following proposals for the best US stocks to invest in 2020:

US Stocks –  Invest in Amazon Stock (AMZN)

Market value: $ 1.56 trillion

Industry: Retail and Computing Services

Share Price: $ 3165

Listed Stock Exchange: NASDAQ (AMZN)

Without any doubt, Amazon’s stock is considered the best US stock in the market today in terms of performance, growth, and upcoming growth potential; even though the share price today exceeds the $ 3,000 limit, but market analyzes tell us that the stock is overseeing five consecutive years of growth

It is expected that the price of Amazon shares in the year 2025 will reach an average value of $ 5,800, especially as the company’s business is heading towards expansion to increase revenues by not less than 20% annually. If you invested $ 10,000 today, then by 2025, you will become at least 18,500, and this is what makes it one of the best stock trading companies in America over the next few years.

US Stocks – Invest in Alphabet (goog) stocks

Market value: $ 1.20 trillion

Industry: Holding company

Share Price: $ 1,747

Listed Stock Exchange: Nasdaq

Alphabet Inc. is one of the best US investment stocks 2021 and is the famous Google company owner and all of the search engines Chrome, Android, Google Cloud, YouTube, and Google Maps, and many international applications.

Alphabet is expected to achieve more than $ 150 in 2020 and grow to $ 200 billion in 2021.

US Stocks – Invest in Apple (AAPL)

Market value: $ 1.98 trillion

Industry: Technology

Share Price: $ 130

Listed Stock Exchange: Nasdaq America

Apple shares (AAPL), one of the strongest technology stocks in terms of returns and revenues, making them the most suitable stock for investment today, especially since it recently split the shares, making it at an appropriate buying point.

What makes Apple the best investment stock is that if you invested in it with a value of 5,000 in 2015, today, your capital would be worth more than $ 15,000. Click here to learn more about how to buy shares in Apple

US Stocks – Disney shares (DIS)

Market value: $ 262.41 billion

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Share Price: $ 176.12

Stock exchange on which it is listed: New York Stock Exchange

Suppose you do not buy Disney’s shares to this day. In that case, you should think about it seriously in 2021. Although it was affected during the Covid-19 pandemic with the decline in revenues for its parks and gardens, media networks’ incomes jumped by (11%) to (7.2) billion dollars.

US Stocks – Facebook Inc stocks (FB)

Market value: $ 783.66 billion

Industry: Internet services

Share Price: $ 251.64

Listed Stock Exchange: Nasdaq of America

Today, Facebook goes beyond being a social media platform. Even though it owns Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, it is making itself an integrated advertising and business empire with the Libra digital currency’s launch.

It is not in vain that the company today is one of the best US stocks to invest in 2020 and will continue to do so during the next ten years as it seeks to be an integrated business and digital world.

Within a few months from today, the share value is expected to double to reach $ 475,821, meaning an average increase of 31%, according to the analyzes. Assuming you invested $ 1,000 today, you will have on December 3, 2021, an amount of $ 1,310. Dig deeper and learn how to buy shares on Facebook.

Nike Stocks (NKE)

Market value: $ 168.77 billion

Industry: Sports industries

Share Price: $ 143.04

Listed Stock Exchange: New York, USA

The observer of Nike’s shares during the year sees the strength of this company in the face of obstacles, for although its sales were affected by the general closure of its stores spread in more than 1,096 branches around the world, the company’s digital structure was equivalent to losses and turned high doors for a profit with the growth of (75%) ) In the third quarter of 2020, and by 82% during the fourth quarter.

If we take a look at the company’s future, it is expected that Nike’s sales of shoes and comfortable sportswear will increase by at least 71%, with profits of up to 13%.

Netflix stocks (NFLX)

Market value: 212.32 billion USD

Industry: Visual entertainment services

Share Price: $ 507.79

Listed Stock Exchange: Nasdaq of America

One of the most important companies that occupy the minds of many investors is Netflix, and we must put it on our list of the best US stocks for investment 2020, especially with returns exceeding 24 billion US dollars in revenues for this fiscal year, even though it serves 182 million subscribers distributed around the world.

The unique thing about buying Netflix shares as the best investment stocks today is that it has excellent potential to expand and increase its market shares. More than half of its subscribers are only from the United States of America.

Abbott Laboratories stocks

During this period, Abbott Laboratories shares are considered the best US stock to invest in the market. This company, known as (ABT) on the New York Stock Exchange, is working in medical devices and diagnostics and has a strong growth driver, especially after it took the US government’s approval to conduct rapid virus tests. In less than 15 minutes, you will be able to obtain the results of your tests with an accuracy of 97%

What drives these stocks to be the first on our list is that they will soon launch a free mobile application that digitally tells you who took the test and showed negative results and tells when they took the test.

Share growth over 3 years: 34.83%

Company’s market value: $ 186,844 billion

Dividend distribution: $ 1.44, growing (1.32%)

Lowe’s Stocks

This year, Lowe’s shares are among the best US investment stocks for companies working in home improvement. It can be said that people sitting in their homes made them think about renovating their homes and spending millions of dollars to renovate and improve their housing with time. Stocks on the stock exchange are known as (LOW).

Share growth over 3 years: 34.83%

Company’s market value: $ 122,066 billion

Dividend distribution: $ 2.40 (1.41%)

Dollar General Stocks

During the past year, Dollar General went through its best years in terms of sales, as it managed to achieve revenue growth of 24.4%, an increase in the value of its shares by (89.1%), and today the company is working to develop its real estate investments for this retailer.

Share growth over 3 years: 53.12%

Company’s market value: $ 49.01 billion

Dividend distribution: $ 1.44, with a growth rate of (0.71%)



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