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Does Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery?

You will also learn about the criteria for insurance coverage and which companies cover this procedure. Before booking an appointment, you should know what to expect from your doctor and insurance company. This article will discuss the cost of bariatric surgery and the criteria required for coverage.

Cost of bariatric surgery

While many plans cover some of the cost, others exclude this procedure entirely. Moreover, some insurers charge more for bariatric surgery compared to other procedures. If you are concerned about your insurance coverage, ask the surgeon’s office staff about your coverage.

But they may offer financial assistance to help you pay for your medical expenses. It is important to know that these policies differ from state to state and can even provide financing plans. In some cases, bariatric surgery is covered by Medicare and Medicaid. For these two programs, the procedure is covered as long as the patient has met the medical requirements.

Does Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery

Criteria for coverage

There are many ways to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for weight loss surgery insurance coverage. Understanding the insurance policy requirements will help you submit a complete insurance claim. You can use tools to streamline the insurance process to make things easier, such as Wellbe. Wellbe makes getting pre-authorizations, billing, and hundreds of other non-medical tasks easier. Here are some of these tools:

First, you must understand that some health insurance policies do not cover bariatric surgery, as it falls under comorbid conditions. Most health insurers will only cover the surgery if you are morbidly obese. For instance, Medicare covers bariatric surgery only if your BMI is 40kg/m2 or higher.

Insurance companies that cover the procedure

Many people don’t realize just how expensive, such procedures can be, and without Insurance, it can be nearly impossible to afford them. You may need to consider patient financing or paying cash for the procedure in such a situation. In either case, there are several options to consider.

Before deciding whether your health insurance will cover weight loss surgery, talk to your surgeon about your options. Most surgeons will provide a free insurance check, but if you don’t have an insurance plan, you may want to talk with a local surgeon to get an accurate idea of their rates. If your health insurance company isn’t included in the list, you can also call your employer’s human resources department to ask if your surgery is covered.



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