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How to buy Apple shares in 2021

How do I invest in Apple AAPL stock? How do I buy shares in Apple? Apple’s position as the company with the highest market value means investing in Apple stocks is synonymous with security and trust. Even if you are not a fan of the brand as a customer, you are undoubtedly aware of its power and attractiveness from an investment point of view. In this article, you will learn how to buy shares in Apple and how to trade them.

The trader can buy shares of Apple in two ways:

First method: buy and own Apple stock

Quite simply, you can buy Apple stock. Although the company is listed and registered on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, the US exchange that has been associated with fast-growing technology stocks has for many years been associated with fast-growing technology stocks. You can buy shares through a “broker” from anywhere in the world.

Not all those wishing to buy Apple stocks have the knowledge and experience to choose the right and reliable broker. Therefore, we recommend opening a trading account with a licensed and trusted brokerage firm.

You can buy Apple stocks and the most famous US stocks from your place and in real-time, similar to how it is done in the actual stock markets. You will have direct access to shares of major companies offered for trading, including Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Netflix, Tesla.

Opening an account with the broker only requires filling out the account opening form and then verifying the account by proving the identity and address (sending a copy of the identity card and an invoice showing your name and address). Then you deposit the amount you want to charge your account, and you can choose the payment method that suits you from among the many payment methods provided by the broker. The subscription steps are clear and easy, and you will find them arranged.

Then you will have an account with which you can buy and trade Apple shares.

Method 2: Trade Apple shares as a CFD

The fact that Apple stocks are not suitable for everyone from a capital required point of view. Also, direct purchase and acquisition of shares is the most appropriate long-term investment. There is a second option for another class of traders.

Instead of buying the actual shares, you can invest by trading CFDs (an investment tool that allows traders to benefit from the upward or downward movement of financial instruments’ prices without owning them).

Trading Apple stocks via CFDs is the easiest way for both beginners and those with small capital and who want to achieve high profits in a short time, but it comes with high risk as well!

Enter the largest market in the world and start your trading experience. Open a real trading account now to enjoy your own experience, or try opening a risk-free demo account.

What help will the demo account offer you?

For the novice trader: The demo account provides the novice trader an opportunity to study the basics, fully practically engage in the process, and trade effectively and continuously. Of course, you don’t need to invest your own money! Take the time to get to know the broker and practice trading, test yourself and your progress, learn and experiment without taking the slightest possible risks.

For an experienced trader: If you are an expert trader, then a demo account is your opportunity to get to know this broker and choose their platforms’ strength. Trade whatever you want: currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities.. and enjoy low spreads

Who Should Invest in Apple Stocks?

Before deciding whether or not to buy Apple stocks? Let’s first tell you who should invest in Apple stocks:

1. Those seeking to invest in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the elite index on Wall Street, contains shares of only 30 companies, representing the most prominent American companies listed on the stock exchange. Apple is on the list, which includes Boeing, ExxonMobil, and IBM.

2. Those are looking to invest in technology and innovations. Apple’s production of bright ideas does not signal much of a slowdown, and the company’s new product launches have had a substantial impact on investors and the tech industry alike.

3. Those who hope over one day to reap profits from the fluctuations in the company’s share prices in the near term. CFDs are an excellent way to do this.

Three reasons to buy Apple stock

1. The high average selling price of the iPhone.

It is no secret to anyone that the iPhone devices are the chicken that lays gold at Apple. This device’s sales achieved $ 37.1 billion in the last quarter, which constitutes about 59% of its total revenue. The pessimistic viewers point to a decrease in iPhone unit sales, and they are right to do so, as iPhone unit sales have been steady during the last quarter over the past three years when it is close to 47 million devices.

But adopting this one-sided view would be a fatal mistake because Apple has balanced the slowdown in the number of sales of its iPhone with an increase in selling prices. The average selling price of the iPhone in the last quarter of this year reached 793 dollars from 618 dollars in the same quarter the previous year.

This is a very important indicator of the company’s success because with the slowdown in sales of innovative phone units in the industry as a whole – not just Apple – Apple has been able to continue raising its iPhone revenue through the option to raise the price of its devices. This proves that the company’s brand continues to have a powerful appeal that can convince its customers that its product is worth buying.

2. Apple services are booming

The company’s rising star among all of its sectors has been its services sector over the past two years. The services include everything from the Apple Store to the “Apple Pay” system, “Apple Music,” “AppleCare,” and cloud storage options.

Apple’s services revenue increased by 27% in the fourth quarter of this year, and its services sector revenue exceeded both sales of Mac devices ($ 25.5 billion) and iPad sales ($ 18.8 billion) during fiscal 2018. The company now has 330 million paid subscriptions for all of its services. – equivalent to an increase of 50% from last year – and Apple’s management believes that there is more room for growth in the future.

Services have become the second-largest segment of the company according to revenue. If investors look at the segment’s outstanding revenue trajectory, they will find that this area is a key component of Apple’s future growth.

3. Wearable technology has formidable standalone

Apple currently ranks first in the Wearable Tech market, outperforming its competitors Xiaomi and Fitbit. It dominates the market with the Apple Watch, but its other wearable products are constantly increasing, including AirPods and Beats. Sales of Apple’s wearable products grew by 50% in the fourth quarter of this year compared to last year.

Investors should bear in mind that the market for wearable technology is still in its infancy. Apple has released the fourth version of the Apple Watch now and plans for the first time to remove AR glasses at the end of 2021, and expects that these devices will add $ 13 billion to its revenue by 2022.



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